Why You Should Never Put Off a Root Canal

October 15, 2021

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Some people put off root canal treatment because they don’t think they can find the time for it. Some don’t want to go to the trouble of finding an endodontic specialist in their area. And of course, some are simply afraid of the discomfort that they think they’ll experience during the procedure. No matter what your reasons are, though, putting off root canal therapy is never a good decision. Below are 3 reasons why you should have the procedure done as soon as possible instead of delaying it.

1. Your Tooth Will Not Get Better on Its Own

A root canal is typically performed to remove an infection that is causing a toothache. Oftentimes, people think they can simply wait for the pain to go away on its own. However, even if this does happen, it’s not a cause to celebrate; more often than not, it’s a sign that the pulp tissue and nerves inside the tooth are dead, meaning the infection has reached a highly advanced stage. If root canal therapy is not performed in time, the damage will grow worse, and it will be less viable to preserve the natural tooth.

2. The Pain of the Toothache is Worse Than the Pain of the Root Canal

Many people avoid root canal therapy because they think it will be exceptionally painful. This is an outdated idea; today’s root canals are actually no more uncomfortable than routine filling procedures because the mouth is numbed first. On the other hand, if you avoid a root canal, the pain of your toothache is likely to grow more and more severe. Furthermore, if the infections spreads, you could suffer from an abscessed tooth, which is both extremely painful and potentially life-threatening.

3. You Could End Up Needing More Complex Procedures Later

Root canal therapy allows you to save your infected tooth, but if it’s not done in time, more drastic steps may have to be taken. You may end up needing to have the tooth removed altogether in a procedure that many patients say is more uncomfortable than root canal therapy; once that’s done, you’ll need to pay to have the tooth replaced if you want to avoid the health issues that are associated with missing teeth. Not only will you need to undergo additional dental procedures, but your care could become much more costly than it would have been otherwise.

Root canal therapy can help you save your natural teeth and smile comfortably again, but it’s important to have the procedure done in a timely fashion instead of delaying it. As soon as you’re told that you need root canal therapy, make arrangements with your endodontist to have the procedure done as soon as possible.

About the Practice

Endodontic Associates Saratoga has three talented endodontists that are all fully dedicated to helping patients overcome their dental pain. Each one has years of hands-on experience and has completed a specialized endodontic program. They all utilize state of the art technology to perform root canal therapy while making your wellbeing their top priority. If you’re suffering from tooth pain or want to schedule a consultation for a possible root canal procedure, visit their website or call (408) 752-5443.

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