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Dentist Reviews - Saratoga, CA

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Have you recently visited Endodontic Associates Saratoga? If so, then we would love to hear your story! To leave a review, simply click on the link below. Your reviews not only provide us essential information about how well we are serving our patients, but they are also tremendously helpful for people just like you who are still looking for a dentist.

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Choosing the best endodontist in the greater Santa Clara Valley area can sometimes be a challenge. We like to think our unique blend of exceptional quality, state-of-the-art technology and unmatched service makes us the ideal choice — and know once you visit with us you'll agree.

What else sets us apart, exactly? We're glad you asked...

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If you’re in need of dental care, you have plenty of options, so why come to Endodontic Associates Saratoga? Rather than tell you ourselves, we’ll let our patients do all the talking! Below, you’ll find links to all of our latest online reviews. As you’ll quickly see, pretty much everyone who comes to see us couldn’t be happier with the level of care and service we provide. After reading a few, be sure to schedule an appointment so we can show you how we’ve earned all of these kind words firsthand!

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“Having a doctor like Dr. Nguyen makes you actually want to get a root canal! First let me say that I hate going to the dentist. When I get my teeth cleaned I am counting the seconds until they finish. So, when I woke up one weekend with bad tooth pain, I was really hoping it would just go away on it's own. By Monday, it was clear that it was not, so off to my dentist I went. The dentist was pretty sure that I needed a root canal, so she called and got me into Endodontic Associates right away... The pain before you get a root canal is absolutely terrible, but the root canal process, in the hands of Dr. Nguyen, is great.”

Marc K., Cupertino, CA

“I waited for years to have my root canal, simply because I tried to avoid it (hated it!) but I had to this time since the pain on my tooth came back. Endodontic Associates was referred to me by my dentist. Went for my consultation and met Dr. Frances Lee. Made my appointment for root canal a few days later. Came in for my appointment bright and early! Still having bad thoughts about the procedure. Sat on the chair at 8am, Dr. Lee started off with the anesthesia and in less than 45 mins it was done! It was so quick! Just felt some minor pressure during the procedure but otherwise it was painless. Thank you, Dr. Lee, Christina and Esmeralda a wonderful experience. I highly recommend them!”

Ro N., Santa Clara, CA

“Well, I'd never had a root canal before, and I was terrified. Dr. San Felipe and his staff were incredible. No pain at all except the little needle prick for the numbing. I was really worried about my TMJ flaring up since I needed to have my mouth open so long, but this wonderful doctor did his magic with minimal opening. I'm so grateful that what I expected to be a horrible experience was so easy. And the other good news is I am no longer in pain from that bad tooth!”

Brenda S., San Jose, CA

“He was fantastic. Their technology is superior to any i have ever been to. He knew exactly what was wrong and what needed to be done, quickly gave me a referral to a different general dentist AND an oral surgeon. I felt completely confident with this doctor. He has the experience, the knowledge and the equipment to back up his diagnosis.”

Lisa B., San Jose, CA

“I was traveling through the area for business when I got a dreaded toothache. What perfect luck. I couldn't sleep nor focus on my work. So I called the office and Dr Nguyen was able to accommodate me the same day thankfully. What I loved most about Dr Nguyen was how patient and thorough she was in answering all of my questions because I was a nervous wreck. Her helpful and upbeat personality made me feel comfortable with seeing a new doctor away from home. I was so chicken to get my first root canal and thank God it's finished! She was gentle in every aspect from the numbing to the actual root canal. I'm no longer in pain and so glad I found this place. Thank you, Dr Nguyen!”

Will S., Santa Clara, CA