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Endodontics and Long-Term Wellness

We live in an age of information — unfortunately, it is also an age of misinformation. If you are exhibiting symptoms that indicate you need root canal therapy, you may have taken to the internet to learn more about this treatment and its potential complications. Perhaps you even ran across some articles claiming that root canal therapy can cause certain types of illness or that it is better for your health to have a tooth extracted rather than to undergo endodontic treatment. This page dispels some of those misunderstandings and explains why you can be sure that root canal therapy is a safe, effective treatment.


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Root Canal Therapy and Your Health

It is an established fact that root canal therapy can stop a dental infection from spreading into the surrounding tissue and leading to systemic illness. In fact, when such infections are allowed to spread, they can become life-threatening.


However, there are some who ascribe to the “focal infection theory,” which claims that even after a root canal in Saratoga, leftover bacteria in the tooth can lead to illnesses like kidney disease or heart disease. The focal infection theory was first introduced in the early 20th century, and science dispelled it long ago.


Endodontists are trained to clean out the entire infected or damaged area within a tooth. Furthermore, modern technology helps to ensure that treatment is precise and thorough. In rare cases, complications may arise that require a patient to undergo endodontic retreatment after their first root canal therapy. However, successful retreatment can ensure that the infection in the tooth does not lead to further illnesses.


The bottom line is that there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim that root canal therapy causes illness. This treatment can actually prevent sickness and benefit your long-term wellness.


Is an Extraction Better than Root Canal Therapy?

Some individuals opt to have a damaged or diseased tooth extracted rather than undergo root canal therapy. They may choose to do so because they are afraid that root canal therapy will lead to complications or that it will be painful. However, there are a few facts you should keep in mind before you choose extraction over a root canal:

  • Millions of root canals are successfully performed each year. The risk of complications is minimal, especially when you entrust your care to a qualified endodontist in Saratoga.
  • Endodontists take measures to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible during their procedure.
  • An extraction can relieve dental pain. However, a missing tooth causes complications of its own. For example, the adjacent teeth will drift out of place, and the jawbone may begin to deteriorate. Root canal therapy preserves the natural tooth and can thus prevent many oral health problems.
  • Replacing an extracted tooth can be a lengthy and expensive procedure. Even the best tooth replacement treatments, such as dental implants, are not as good as your real, natural dentition.


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